Nikon Z7 Camera Review – Hashmi Photos

Nikon Z7 Camera Review Nikon has announced its first Mirrorless full frame camera set to release in September 2018.The flagship camera is bound to set a new benchmark for Nikon introducing the Z mount which will open up a new generation of photo and video quality.It seems to be a brilliant product considering it is first in its generation and it marks a new era for camera consumers.It seems Sony now has some competition on […]

Necessary Equipment to Make your Food Photography Yummy!

Necessary Equipment to Make your Food Photography Yummy! Photography is one of the hobbies that is boomed nowadays. People do landscape photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, product photography and food photography. Each one of those photographers have their own expertise regarding photography. Today, we will learn about the gears for food photography. Though, those will not be different from other photography equipment but, still food photography requires different types of lenses. Camera Model The camera […]

DSLR Essential Accessories for Your New Camera

Camera Accessories in Pakistan Once you have a compact system camera or DSLR Cameras there are lots of  Camera accessories available to make your photographic life easier or help you take better shots. Take advantage of the seasonal sales and bag yourself a few essentials from our list. SEE MORE: Photography accessories: transform your pictures for less than 10000 1: Camera Bags & Case If you’ve got a small camera and a single lens a bag may […]

Product Photography Tips

Product Photography Tips Product Photography Many craters, cooks, and artists want to take high quality photographs of their own creations, whether to feature them in a blog post, offer them for sale online, or just share them with friends. The trick to getting these kinds of product shots easily and reliably is to use a light tent. This article will cover the fundamentals of shooting with a light tent to help you capture bright, high […]