Atomos Shogun Flame Overview

Atomos Shogun Flame: Change the way you capture Video Built for those who want to add new possibilities to their video recording, the Atomos Shogun Flame is built to deliver extraordinary touches to your work. Atomos is known for producing industry class field monitors, and the Atomos Shogun flame is no less.  Input Capabilities:  The Atomos Shogun Flame is capable of processing both HDMI and SDI inputs. It can make use of both 4K HDMI […]

Godox V1 Overview

Godox V1: Are Profoto in Trouble? The Profoto A1 is supposed to be the game-changer in the speed light realm. But the thing about it is that it carries that premium Profoto pricetag. The Godox V1, on the other hand, has quite similar features with a much better value. We will take a look at some of the prime features of this flash to see just how much of a value it is.  Features: The […]

Atomos Ninja Inferno Overview

Atomos Ninja Inferno: Monitoring at its Finest If you really want to come ahead of the limitations your camera has and make use of the full potential of your camera the Atomos Ninja Inferno gives you that power. The Atomos Ninja Inferno is your best friend in the field, giving both the next level monitoring and recording capabilities.  Input:  The Atomos Ninja Inferno has been imagined to utilize the full power of 4K 60p cameras. […]

Sigma fp Overview

Sigma fp: Bigger possibilities, smaller size Sigma has yet again announced a completely new device in the market, the Sigma Fp. This device has been designed with keeping extreme quality and functionality inside a small body. Weighing just less than a pound the camera sure has more to offer than you may originally think. Mimicking some of the professional cinema class cameras, the Sigma Fp is a great way to begin a professional filmmaker career. […]

Sony a7R IV Overview

Sony a7R IV: Another Titan from Sony  All the Sony fans are in for some great news. Sony has officially announced the a7R IV another beast in its line of professional mirrorless cameras. Building on the Sony a7R III this camera has some defining features of its own to look out for.  Features: The a7R IV is Sony’s first to boast a 61 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor that has a back illuminated design. This […]

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