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Rode Microphones in Pakistan

The Rode Microphones Freedman Electronics, was 7 by husband and wife Henry and Astrid Freedman. Originally from London, Henry Freedman relocated to Stockholm and started a family. Working as a chief engineer for a telecommunications company, Freedman would do after-hours servicing and modifications for a local agent of German pro-audio manufacturer Dynacord.

The Rod Microphone is Compact Directional On DSLR Camera Microphone.Rød Microphone is headquartered in Sydney.Buy Online at Hashmi Photos.Rod Microphone is an Australian-based designer and manufacturer of microphones, related accessories and audio software. Its products are used in studio and location sound recording as well as live sound reinforcement.

The Røde Difference

In 2011 Røde launched a website under the title ‘The Røde Difference’, which detailed five areas in which the company believes it offers an advantage over other microphone manufacturers. These areas are: precision, passion, community, value and customer support. The website was accompanied by a factory tour video hosted by founder Peter Freedman.

VideoMic rangeRode Microphones

The Rode with integrated Rycote suspension.

The original VideoMic was released by Rød in 2004, after founder Peter Freedman was unable to find a suitable microphone for his home MiniDV camera. Two years later the company released a stereo version of the turnkey microphone system for camcorders and consumer video cameras.

Following the introduction of high definition video on DSLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D MkIII Rød further developed the VideoMic concept to reduce the size, and incorporate a 20dB level boost, which is intended to allow the user to decrease the level of the camera preamp, thereby reducing the noise floor of the recording. In 2012 the Stereo VideoMic Pro was released, providing a stereo option for DSLR filmmakers. It was recognised with a Design Award from the Australian International Design Awards program.

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