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Rokinon Lens in Pakistan

Since 1979, ROKINON lenses and optics have been synonymous with unparalleled quality and integrity. The ROKINON brand continues to deliver on its stellar reputation by providing superbly engineered and innovative products at prices that are affordable. As one of the largest and most popular brand of DSLR camera lenses in the world, you can be confident and secure that ROKINON products will provide outstanding performance with unsurpassed durability.

ROKINON is owned and operated solely by Elite Brands Inc. The people of Elite Brands Inc. have brought to you the finest products in our industry, with uncompromising attention to quality, function, detail and design. Today, EBI is a premier manufacturer of digital cameras, digital camcorders, 35mm cameras, photo and computer luggage, binoculars, telescopes, lenses and many other products and accessories. EBI’s ultra modern facilities and its in-house design department, allow it to offer customers the best out of stock, direct import and customized programs anywhere.

Elite Brands markets its products in the United States and worldwide, under its own and many private label brand names. All of its products are made in its own facilities under strict quality control standards and are pre-tested before shipment. EBI’s mission is to offer value – top-tier quality and competitively priced products with personalized service.

While EBI welcomes inquiries from distributors, retailers, exporters and other resellers, it generally does not sell directly to the consumer. Our website is designed to acquaint you with our company and products. We encourage you to check back with us periodically for new product developments and monthly specials.

Rokinon / Bower / Samyang Construction Quality

However, in case you haven’t been reading online reviews as avidly as I have, it is no secret that Rokinon lenses aren’t the greatest quality when it comes to their actual construction.  Simply put, plastic abounds.  And not only that, but the overall construction quality is, well, hit-or-miss.  Some would call it downright sloppy, I would just call it “low budget”.  You get what you pay for, and apparently this is what it costs if you ONLY pay for image quality alone.

Personally, I can confirm this in the real world.  No, I have not taken apart any Rokinon lenses.  I mean I can confirm that “you won’t be using it for years”.  You see, I like to go on adventures to very remote places, such as the Death Valley Racetrack, and visiting these places involves many many miles of very bumpy dirt roads.  Even stored inside a nice padded case, going 50-60 MPH down a dirt road for a few hours straight will subject 100% of your gear to a nice good rattling.  This is exactly what Rokinon lenses seem to hate most. (And for the record, Tokina ultra-wides don’t seem to like it much either!) In short, over the past few years my friends and I have collectively had to repair or completely replace numerous Roki-Bow-Yang 24mm f/1.4’s and 14mm f/2.8’s.  They just don’t stay together.


A wedding shooter, unfortunately, may find themselves in the same predicament. Especially if you use a rolling hard case such as a Pelican, which are notorious for giving all your gear a nice “gentle” rattling over time.

They might not fall apart in your hands, but your lenses may eventually get soft around the edges.  This is a classic sign of a de-centered lens element, which is very common among poorly constructed lenses that are susceptible to light but repetitive bumps etc.

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