Fujifilm X-Pro2 Overview

Fujifilm X Pro2: Still a Pro

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 might seem like a tiny package but looks can be deceiving. This camera is truly a professional device for photography and filmmaking. Successor to the first X series camera keeping the same prime features while building on its legacy. The X-Pro2 might have a few years to its age, but it is still one truly to impress.


Sporting the APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor with a resolution of 24.3 MP, the X-Pro2 is able to grasp a high amount of quality and clarity by omitting the optical low pass filter. The X-Trans filter aids in better replication of film to build more realistic colors and brilliant tonal transitions. 

The X-Pro2 can achieve a continuous shot rate of 8 fps with phase detection AF along with motion prediction AF for capturing fast moving objects

The X Processor pro further adds to the image by reducing noise and adding to the light sensitivity. With an ISO range that natively goes to a peak of 12800 but can be taken all the way up to 51200. The performance results are brilliant, a start up time of 0.4 seconds, shutter lag of 0.05 seconds, a shooting interval of 0.25 seconds and AF speeds at 0.06 seconds. It can be seen that the camera is all round quick. 


The X-Pro2 is both quick and precise in the field of AF. With 273 AF points with 77 phase detect points for keeping track of fast moving objects. With a 40% area coverage by phase detect points, the composition is more refined and keeps a balance with the autofocus. The  Digital split image function simulates the rangefinder focusing. The Focus peaking feature aids in keeping track with actively knowing what the camera has its focus on. 


Supporting 4K video shooting up till 30 fps with a 100 Mb/s bit rate, the camera is film ready. You can also shooting at other resolutions like 1080p and 720p at frame rates going all the way up to 60 fps. 

Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder: 

The most unique feature of the camera is its viewfinder which is both optical and electronic.  With the freedom to choose you get the best of both worlds. The viewfinder is setup in a rangefinder fashion and has a resolution of 2.36m dots with 85 fps of refresh rate. The optical viewfinder gives a more natural view for keeping track of your subject. While the EVF overlays information on top of the optical viewfinder for more intuitive track of manual focus. The optical viewfinder also has a multi magnification feature that can switch the viewfinder magnification based on the focal length of the lens mounted. 


The X-Pro2 has a 3.0” LCD screen on the rear with 1.62m dot resolution which is used for live viewing and image playback. The body has been constructed from 4 pieces of magnesium alloy and sealed to make this usable in harsh climates. Dual SD card slots help with more dependable storage and back ups. Placed on the top are some aluminum alloy dials for faster control over exposure and shutter speed. 

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