Fujifilm XT3 Overview

Fujifilm X-T3: The APS-C Powerhouse One of 2018s biggest cameras has been the Fujifilm XT3. The Camera is small but that does not mean it lacks in power. The XT3 is jam packed with amazing features that make it the perfect camera for videographers and photographers alike. The Fujifilm XT2 was already a top notch device to begin with, while the XT3 builds on the XT2, it has definitely checked all the boxes it missed […]

GoPro Hero 7 Overview

GoPro Hero 7: The Adventurers best friend GoPro has held a reputation for manufacturing some of the most rugged and high quality cameras for action photography and video. Year and year again they have updated their lineup with new and improved models. Once again they have delivered this time with the GoPro Hero 7. Models GoPro Hero 7 has just recently been announced and is already proving to be very promising. The Hero 7 features […]

DJI Osmo Pocket Overview

DJI Osmo Pocket: The latest twist in Vlogging  DJIs announcement of this small camera on 28 November 2018 made big waves through the world of Video. The Osmo Pocket is supposed to be the solution to your youtube videos and other professional video capturing needs. It seems Gopro is in for serious competition.  Design:  The device is obviously incredibly small, hence the name Osmo Pocket. In fact it is so small that it fits quite […]

The Sony A7sii and A7iii

The Sony A7sii and A7iii and why this is a tougher comparison than you may think In the realm of quality filmmaking Sony is quite the giant. The entire range of Sonys mirrorless cameras has been crafted to deliver the most superior video quality demanded in the film studios of the present. Their 4K image quality, crisp resolution and lifelike colors, high dynamic ranges are but a few of the characteristics these cameras deliver The […]

Panasonic Lumix S Series

The Lumix S series: Panasonic steps into the race of the Mirrorless  Panasonic made a huge announcement for mirrorless camera fans, they have officially begun to produce their own. At the Photokina event in Cologne, Panasonic announced the new S series, which is their debut in to the full frame mirrorless camera world. The Lumix S1R and the S1, took the headlines and both devices are expected to arrive in early 2019.  Features  Both cameras […]

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