Sigma Announces three new Full Frame Mirrorless lens 

Sigma has added new lenses to its already brilliant line up of prime and zoom lens 3 new models for the full frame mirrorless category. Part of the new division of Art and Contemporary series these lenses give full frame mirrorless camera owners some amazing options to look upon. These lenses are designed for Sony E mount and the Leica L mount. With the aim of delivering top notch performance in a less hefty budget […]

Loupedeck+ Overview

Loupedeck+: Editing done Right Designed for those who make extensive use of photo and video editing, the loupedeck+ lets you make use of intuitive buttons, dials and sliders for seamless editing. The loupedeck+ suits both beginners in the world of editing and seasoned users alike. It makes the editing experience even more enjoyable. Compatibility: The biggest design change to have come from the previous model is that the loupedeck+ can now be used to edit […]

Dedolight SPS5E Lighting kit

Dedolight SPS5E: The complete professional lighting system  Dedolight is a huge name in the world of professional lighting systems. Being used in movies in Hollywood and being appreciated by cinematographers and photographers worldwide, Dedolight is one of the best brands you can go for today. Dedolight has done an outstanding job by going all the way in their SPS5E 5 lighting kit. The unique selection of lights can be used for almost everything. It is […]

Sennheiser Memory Mic Overview

Sennheiser Memory Mic: On the Go pro audio recording If you are someone that frequents on using your smartphone for producing videos you know that while the video may be adequate that audio tends to lag behind in terms of quality. smartphone audio quality does not do justice to its video quality today. Sennheiser has produced a sweet solution for that. They created the Memory mic which is a wireless omnidirectional microphone specially designed to […]

The Beginners Guide to the Ultimate Vlogging kit

The Beginners guide to the ultimate vlogging kit A new class of video content has arrived and you’re already heard of it. Vlogging has made its name as one of the most popular forms of video content in today’s age. Are you a beginner in this business? Don’t know where to start and what to buy? If you are thinking about really getting into vlogging we can help you set up your very first vlogging […]

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