GoPro Hero 7 vs Hero 8

GoPro Hero 8 vs Hero 7: What’s the Difference? The GoPro Hero 8 is here and everyone wants to know how good it is vs. the Hero 7. While it may just look like every other GoPro model there are a few key changes this time around. Yes the Hero 7 is a very accomplished model in itself but for those of you who really want the bang for your buck you might want to […]

GoPro Hero 8 Black Overview

GoPro Hero 8 Black: Stabilization at its finest GoPro has recently delighted adventurers and vloggers alike with the Hero 8 Black. That’s right, the successor to the popular GoPro Hero 7 is here. And it has brought some mighty refinements with it. While it may look almost identical to the previous GoPro there have been major design improvements with the Hero 8 Black. These are some of the biggest changes that have come to the […]

Moza Mini S Overview

Moza Mini S: Gimbal on a budget DSLRs and action cameras aren’t the only popular means of making videos anymore. Smartphone photos and videos are on the rise. Thanks to smartphones it has become extremely cheap to produce video content. Mobile gimbals have become an extremely popular means of producing professional videos today. However, gimbals don’t come cheap either which may be a dealbreaker for many people. If you are looking starting out on making […]

Nikon Z50 Overview

Nikon Z50: The Mid-range Mirrorless The new Nikon Z50 is a big announcement by Nikon this October because it brings a new mirrorless model into the crowded mid-range market. Pleased with the performance of the Z series with the notable popularity of the Nikon Z6 and Z7. Nikon has introduced the Z50 which also revolves around their new Z mount. And it seems that this cheaper mid-ranged mirrorless camera just might be as good as it […]

How to Make Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse videos: A How to guide Among some of the interesting features of today’s DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras is the ability to make Time lapse videos. If you’re an avid internet user you definitely have come across these types of videos, even if you didn’t know these were time lapses. The time lapse is just one of those features that once you really start to prefer you never stop making. And the results are […]

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