A DSLR Beginners Guide

DSLR Beginners Guide Welcome to all of you inexperienced players, maybe not; but, anyway this DSLR Beginners guide is here to teach you everything about DSLRs, whether it is manual or automatic. We tend to be visual learners, as beginners photographer. This article is crafted for you if you conceive of yourself as a beginner who is confused about how to use your camera as away. It is supposed to be a short, one-step-shop that […]

Rode VideoMic Pro Overview

Rode VideoMic Pro: Loved by the Pros The Rode VideoMic Pro adds up a level to the already amazing offerings by Rode in microphones. With a Pro badge, you know that you are certainly getting more than the usual. This mic would be an ideal option for some of those with a little more cash to spend but with the idea of true professional audio in mind. To be particular, if you are a professional […]

Rode VideoMicro Overview

Rode VideoMicro: Compact yet Complete Rode is known for its numerous offerings in pure quality audio. The Rode VideoMicro an amazing tool for those who really want to up their audio quality without investing too much. This is a very useful device if you’re initially looking into entering the vlogging world and want to make some good quality videos. Switching from devices like your phone’s microphone, you’ll notice a huge difference. It’s a device that […]

Rode VideoMic GO Overview

Best Vlogging Microphone As the name suggests Rode has designed the VideoMic GO is Best Vlogging Microphone for anyone working on the go. The Mic is specifically designed to be lightweight and portable. Features that any vloggers, mobile journalists or anyone who wants to record while on foot will appreciate. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the design, the mic packs serious audio quality. The mic is ideal for those who do not want […]

Zhiyun Crane M2 Overview

Zhiyun Crane M2: The Swiss Army Knife of Gimbals Built with the most travel friendly aspect in mind the Zhiyun Crane M2 is a new offering from Zhiyun Tech. The Company is known for producing high end stabilization equipment and the Crane M2 proves to be nothing less. Don’t get this confused with the Crane v2 though, although very similar both gimbals serve different purposes and are made for different consumers.  Design:  If you’re relatively […]

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