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Studio Continuous Softbox Lighting

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2x  Continuous Softbox Light
2x  Lighting Stands
2x  Softbox


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Continuous Softbox Light

Continuous Softbox Light Kit In this listing you are looking at this great continuous lighting kit with combined 540W output power. These units offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use with conventional still digital, commercial photography and also videos. Providing a soft uniform diffuse light.

Package Include:

Continuous Softbox Light
Lighting Stands

7 reviews for Studio Continuous Softbox Lighting

  1. Batool

    Are the bulbs in the kit compatible with pakistan’s electrical system ( the voltage)? What is the max height of the stand and the dimensions of the softbox?

    • hashmi

      This Kit Not Include Any Bulb.Light Stands Max Height is 6 Feets.
      for Light Bulb You Buy Any Home Bulbs its work fine this kit.

  2. R

    Is it:
    2x Continuous Softbox Light
    2x Lighting Stands
    2x Softbox

    ₨ 12,500.00?

    • hashmi


  3. Salam

    what is the dimension of the soft boxes??????

    • hashmi

      60x60cm Softbox Size

  4. FR

    Can you control the brightness of the bulbs after they have been fitted? How to vary the intensity of light from the same bulb? Is there a switch or control to do this?

    • hashmi

      yes all things are possible after some modification..

  5. Sherjeel

    Are the modification to dim light according to your need included in that? If yes then which one? Are these available for delivery to Lahore? How much delivery charges? or is there any of your outlet in Lahore where we can visit and buy?

    • hashmi

      This light no have any dimmer
      delivery all over pakistan
      free delivery all pakistan
      all outlet in karachi city

  6. Mian Shahzad

    How many blubs per softbox?

    • hashmi

      One Bulb Holder in 1 softbox

  7. Anas

    Abhi stock main hai 1 set?

    • hashmi

      We Have Another Good Option Contact Syed Fahad 03218770709

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