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2 x Simpex Pro 300D Light
2 x 60×60 Softbox
2 x White Umbrella
2 x Light Stands

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Simpex Pro 300D Studio Photo Light

The Simpex Pro 300D Studio Photo Light is Made in India.Its Amazing Light Used in Your Home And Professional Studio.

Photographic lighting is the illumination of scenes to be photographed. A photograph simply records patterns of light, colour, and shade; lighting is all-important in controlling the image. In many cases even illumination is desired to give an accurate rendition of the scene. In other cases the direction, brightness, and colour of light are manipulated for effect. Lighting is particularly important for monochrome photography, where there is no colour information, only the interplay of highlights and shadows. Lighting and exposure are used to create effects such as low-key and high-key.

Photo Light creates the 2D pattern of contrast the brain interprets to recognize 3D objects in photographs. In an in-person viewing experience the brain relies on stereoscopic vision, parallax, shifting focal in addition to the clues created by the highlight and shadow patterns the light on the object creates. When viewing a photo the brain tries to match the patterns of contrast and color it seen to those other sensory memories.

2 reviews for Simpex Pro 300D STUDIO Photo LIGHT WITH SOFTBOX

  1. Abz

    A few queries:

    Does it come with a Trigger? And do the lights have built-in receivers?

    Price is same as mentioned?

    Can I buy them on Master Card?

    • hashmi

      This light brand is discontinue please check Godox SK400 lights

  2. FAHIM

    Pieces send u are details
    WhatsApp or WeChat numbers
    I wont to buy simpex pro light kit

    • Ahsan Nadeem

      Fahad 0321-8770709 Whatsapp

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