Dolly Wheel Pro 120cm Linear Camera Track Slider

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Material: Aluminum alloy, rubber wheel
Length: 32″/120cm
Width: 5cm
Wheel diameter: 6.3cm
Load Capacity: 8KG
Net Weight: 1.52KG


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Camera Dolly Slider in Pakistan

The Camera Dolly Slider is approximately two and a half feet long and features three steel bearing rollers. The slider track incorporates three sets of 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting holes, allowing you to support it in the center or at both ends. Two removable height adjustable legs are also included for using the slider on the ground. The legs provide height adjustment for leveling, and are articulated, allowing you to adjust them for uneven surfaces.

The slider weighs just over three pounds and supports up to 19.84 lbs of weight. The slider carriage features a 3/8″-16 threaded mounting screw with a large thumb wheel to tighten down available flat base heads. It features a friction break mechanism that can apply tension or lock the carriage in place along the rails. The carriage incorporates a built-in bubble level that allows you to confirm the level of the track. The included oil seals are used to clean and oil the chrome plated track for smooth sliding. Included with the slider is a focus sling and a carry case for transport or storage.

The slider platform rides on three wheels with sealed bearings, and it is captive in the track bed. This allows you to flip the track over and get that inverted shot without worrying that the carriage will fall off the tracks.
Chrome coated rails are rust and corrosion resistant.
The feet are removable and attach to the track using a large easy to use spin wheel.
The removable feet feature a single point of articulation, providing 90° of vertical adjustment.
The built-in end stops feature threaded holes that allow you to mount available accessories.
Included with the slider and carriage is a focus sling that you wrap around your lens. This provides you with a lever for pulling focus on your slider setup.

1x Camera Track Slider with Dolly Wheel
1x Protection Bag
1x Shoulder Strap

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Dolly Wheel Pro 120cm Linear Camera Track Slider
Dolly Wheel Pro 120cm Linear Camera Track Slider


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