DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount+Follow Focus+Matte Box

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1 DSLR Rig Shoulder Mount
1 Follow Focus
1 Shoulder Pad
3 Support Rod
1 Matching Gear Belt
1 Matte Box


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DSLR Camera Rig in Pakistan

A camera Rig stabilizer or camera–stabilizing mount, is a device designed to hold a camera in a manner that prevents or compensates for unwanted camera movement, such as camera shake.

For small hand-held cameras, a harness or contoured frame steadies the camera against the photographer’s body. In some models, the camera mount is on an arm that protrudes in front of the photographer; beneath the camera is a handle grip. Another variation positions the camera atop a fulcrum braced against the photographer’s chest or abdomen.

To compensate for camera instability caused by the movement of the operator’s body, a camera operator named Garrett Brown invented a body-mounted stabilization apparatus for motion picture cameras, called a Steadicam, which uses springsas shock absorbers. In 1991, Martin Stevens invented a hand-held stabilizer for motion-picture cameras, called theGlidecam. Some camera stabilization machines use gyroscopes to sense disruptive motion.

Although a tripod can hold a camera stably, stationary platforms are not regarded as camera stabilizers.


A camera shoulder Rig brace is a camera stabilizer which mechanically shifts the weight of the camera to the operator’s shoulder. This allows for smoother shots than might be obtainable by handheld operation. Camera shoulder braces are typically padded for comfort and allow the attachment of zoom controllers, transmitters and other related devices.

The operator generally holds two handles while a third “brace” rests on the shoulder. A remote LANC zoom controller is usually placed on one of the handles.

Most braces are made of PVC, carbon fiber or light-weight metals to keep the weight down. If the brace were too heavy it would defeat the purpose of using it in the first place—reduced camera shake and fluidity of movement.

For low shots, most braces can be used as a mini-tripod by setting the brace on flat surface.

Shoulder braces also reduce stress on the arms which reduces tiredness and muscle cramps during filming.

DSLR/VCR Shoulder Mount Rig + Follow Focus + Matte Box
Make you shoot or video production steady, precise and smooth
Long time shoot or record comfortable, won’t feel tired
The Handles with rubber grips give your arms rest while shooting
Make commercial and professional movies at a very lower cost
Precision-machined Follow Focus system provides repeatable, accurate focusing
1/4″ screw head, compatible with most DSLR/VCR
Ideal for making video with movable scene or micro shoots

Compatible with most DSLR/VCR
Material: Metal & Plastic
Detail Size: see picture

Include in Package
DSLR/VCR Shoulder Mount Rig
Matte Box
Follow Focus
Matching Gear Belt

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DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount+Follow Focus+Matte Box
DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount+Follow Focus+Matte Box


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