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Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit


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Two (2) Top Quality Light Stands
Two (2) High Quality Light Sockets
Two (2) White Soft Umbrellas


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Continuous Studio Light in Pakistan

This continuous studio light setup is all you need if you plan on jump starting your work. The lights will work for all kinds of work whether video or photo. If a cheap video lighting kit is what you are looking for this is the perfect option to go for. 

The video lighting kit includes two light sockets, which are both durable and easy to operate. There are two light stands for holding each socket. The light stands have variable height you can easily adjust them based on your need. They can go from as low as 2 ft 9 inches to 6 ft 8 inches. This gives you a lot of room to set up the lights based on what you are working on. The continuous lighting kit is perfect for studio like portrait photography. You would be able to adjust the light as you need. There are two white umbrellas to attach to each bulb holder setup. This helps to soften the light and reduce sharp contrast and shadows on the subject. The stands are durable, made from aluminum alloy and can hold up to 7 lbs of weight 

While perfect for portrait photography this would serve best as a cheap video lighting kit as well. The whole studio lighting kit is easy to set up and operate. And it can be disassembled quickly so it is very portable. The lighting kit stands are only 28 inches when closed and can be stored away very easily. The kit is powerful with up to 400 Watts of continuous studio light. 

The product has a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Package includes:

Two (2) Top Quality Light Stands
Two (2) High Quality Light Sockets
Two (2) White Soft Photo Umbrellas

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3 reviews for Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

  1. FR

    Is it possible to vary the brightness of the bulb output once attached? Is there a switch or control for this?

    • hashmi

      yes if you want control lights temp so we attach one dimmer with lights
      contact syed fahad 03218770709

  2. Ab

    Whats the size of the umbrellas in this solution?

    • hashmi

      This Kit Include 40cm Umbrellas

  3. Taha Ashraf

    Alhumdullilah ❤️ Upgraded My Youtube Studio Setup By Purchasing These Lights And It’s Been An Awesome Investment. InshaAllah Looking Forward To More Purchases From Them. Great Guy I Spammed A Lot And He Kept Answering My Stupid Questions. +Rep

    • hashmi

      Thanks for You Buying.

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