KingJoye AK-287 Camera Tripod

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Material: Aluminum
Folded Length (mm): 679
Extended Length (mm): 1669
Weight (g): 1870
Color: black
Max.H: 1415mm
Max.Dai.: 28mm
Section: 3
Min.H: 302
Max.load: 15kg


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DSLR Camera Tripod

The KingJoye AK-287 DSLR Camera Tripod pan-tilt head has separate axes and controls for tilting and panning, so that a certain axis can be controlled without risk of affecting the other axes. These heads come in two types, 2-way and 3-way. 2-way heads have 2 axes and controls, one for panoramic rotation, and one for front tilt. 3-way heads have 3 axes and controls, one for panoramic rotation, front tilt, and lateral tilt. The controls on these heads, are usually handles that can be turned, to loosen or tighten the certain axis. This allows movement in one, a few, or none of the axes. When movement of all axes of rotation is needed, a ball head is used. There are some pan-tilt heads that use gears, for precision control of each axis. This is helpful for some types of photography, such as macro photography.


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KingJoye AK-287 Camera Tripod
KingJoye AK-287 Camera Tripod


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