Pixco Universal Lambency Flash Diffuser


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Comes with 4 filters: 2 x white, 1 x yellow, 1 x green
Dimensions: 4.53 in x 4.53 in x 5.59 in
Weight: 10.58 oz


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Flash Diffuser in Pakistan

Flash Diffuser As well as dedicated studio use, flash may be used as the main light source where ambient light is inadequate, or as a supplementary source in more complex lighting situations. Basic flash lighting produces a hard, frontal light unless modified in some way.[13] Several techniques are used to soften light from the flash or provide other effects.

Softboxes, diffusers that cover the flash lamp, scatter direct light and reduce its harshness.
Reflectors, including umbrellas, flat-white backgrounds, drapes and reflector cards are commonly used for this purpose (even with small hand-held flash units).
Bounce flash is a related technique in which flash is directed onto a reflective surface, for example a white ceiling or a flash umbrella, which then reflects light onto the subject. It can be used as fill-flash or, if used indoors, as ambient lighting for the whole scene. Bouncing creates softer, less artificial-looking illumination than direct flash, often reducing overall contrast and expanding shadow and highlight detail, and typically requires more flash power than direct lighting.[13] Part of the bounced light can be also aimed directly on the subject by “bounce cards” attached to the flash unit which increase the efficiency of the flash and illuminate shadows cast by light coming from the ceiling. It’s also possible to use one’s own palm for that purpose, resulting in warmer tones on the picture, as well as eliminating the need to carry additional accessories.


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