Viltrox JY-680 Flash Speedlite

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Color: Black
Plastic housing material
Flash light color: White
Color temperature: 5500K
Guide number: 54/190 (ISO100 in meters/feet, focus range 105mm)
Flash coverage: 24~105mm (14mm with wide panel)
Flash duration: 1/1050s
Flash recycling: 0.5~5s

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The Viltrox JY-680 is a good all-round flash that’s easier to use than some popular rivals. It packs a range of useful features making it capable both on and off the camera. The output seems to be around as powerful as a Nikon SB-600 or SB-800 but this hasn’t been rigorously tested. For events photography this speedlight is especially well-suited, as changing and viewing power levels is effortless in dim light. I discovered this when thrown in the deep end: my Nikon SB-600 capacitor blew during an event and I needed a quick substitute!

Where the JY-680 is let down is in minor quality issues. While the flash itself is still alive and kicking after many hours of intensive use, the flip-down diffuser has broken off and I’m continually irritated by the high voltage port which doesn’t hold power input cables securely. These are not deal breakers, and not really problems uncommon in other flashes. I’ve actually been using the Viltrox regularly for nightclub work since the untimely death of my SB-600

Should you buy a Viltrox JY-680? That will depend on price, dealer support and availability. A specific recommended retail price hasn’t been released, but Viltrox suggest it will be similarly priced to the Yongnuo YN-560. If so, the Yongnuo will certainly be well-matched. There are a few Viltrox resellers on eBay and more dealers should appear in future.

On the front of the device you’ll find a red window – mostly for show – surrounding the optical slave sensor. Having it separate from the swivel head allows you to turn the body to face your other “master” flashes.

There is a flip-down diffuser and a white bounce card in the top of the flash head. When you pull out the diffuser, the flash helpfully autozooms to the widest focal length, and returns to your previous setting when you put the diffuser away. I found this incredibly useful when using the JY-680 at an event, as I could switch between a narrow zoom (e.g. 80mm) and 24mm very quickly.

Unfortunately, the diffuser didn’t stand up to being repeatedly pulled out and replaced, and has now broken off. Unlike on Nikon speedlights, when this happens you won’t find yourself trapped at the widest focal length setting. Now I just have to manually zoom the flash in and out instead of using the diffuser as a short-cut. Maybe your JY-680’s diffuser will be made of stronger stuff, or maybe it’s just not designed for intensive on-camera use.FLASH LIGHT PRICE IN PAKISTAN

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Viltrox JY-680 Flash Speedlite
Viltrox JY-680 Flash Speedlite

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