Graduated Square Filter Kit 30 in 1

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Can Be Adjusted Up/Down Within Holder
Permits Using Fast ISO In Bright Light
Use to Create Blurs/Special Effects
Helps Controls Depth of Field
Permits Use of Wider Apertures
Use With Film or Digital Cameras
Made From Plastic


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Graduated Filter in Pakistan

A graduated Filter neutral-density filter, also known as a graduated ND filter, split neutral-density filter, or just a graduated filter, is an optical filter that has a variable light transmission. Typically half of the filter is of neutral density which transitions, either abruptly or gradually, into the other half which is clear. It is used to bring an overly-bright part of a scene into thedynamic range of film or sensor. For example, it can be used to darken a bright sky so that both the sky and subject can be properly exposed.

24 Filters
4   Rings 52, 58, 67, 77mm
1   Lens Holder
1   Filter Holder
1   Pouch

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Graduated Square Filter Kit 30 in 1
Graduated Square Filter Kit 30 in 1


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