Nikon 58mm UV Protector Filter

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General Protective Filter
Reduces Bluish Cast of Daylight
Made in Japan


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Nikon 58mm Filter in Pakistan

The Nikon 58mm Filter is a general use, clear filter that helps to protect your lens from dust, scratches, moisture, and other elements. It is ideal for leaving on a lens at all times as it also helps to provide an additional level of assurance against accidental drops.

This filter also features a UV coating to help absorb ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish cast of daylight. No additional coloration or contrast is provided, allowing you to pair this filter with others.

The 58mm Filter NC (Neutral Clear) from Nikon is a clear (colorless) filter for color as well as black and white films. It also serves as a permanent lens protector. It’s multi-coated to minimize reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting.

Provides protection to the front element of your lens
General protection filter reduces dust, moisture, and scratches from reaching lens elements.

Absorbs UV light and reduces bluish cast of daylight.

Clear filter provides no additional coloration or contrast, allowing you to pair this filter with others.


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