Sony DCR-SD1000E Handycam Shoulder-Mount Flash Memory PAL Camcorder

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Product Highlight

Product Highlights

  • 12x Optical Zoom Sony G Lens
  • Professional-Style Lens Rings
  • Full Manual Controls
  • 32 GB Built-In Memory, Memory Stick Slot
  • 2.7″ Touchscreen LCD
  • 7.1 Mp Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 7.1 Mp Still Photos (3072 x 2304)
  • Face / Smile Detection
  • Stereo Microphone
  • Optical SteadyShot

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The Sony DCR-SD1000E Handycam Shoulder-Mount Flash Memory PAL Camcorder is a semi-pro standard-definition camcorder with a 12x Sony G lens that records standard-def PAL video as MPEG-2-PS files. Offering a professional style of operation and a form factor that confers a considerable measure of authority to its operator, the DCR-SD1000E features large lens rings that manipulate the camcorder’s full manual controls.

In addition to the options for professional-style operation, the DCR-SD1000E also features Sony’s Optical SteadyShot image stabilization technology and an Intelligent Auto mode that selects the best combination of settings based on the scene in front of you. The camcorder also serves double-duty as a still-image capture device much better than most video cameras. With the DCR-SD1000E’s 7.1 Mp CMOS sensor, you can capture images at up to 3072 x 2304 resolution.

The shoulder-mount Handycam model has 32 GB of built-in flash memory, and you’d be hard-pressed to fill the internal storage in a single day of shooting – even while operating in the highest-quality mode. In HQ mode, the operator can record approximately 8 hours to the 32 GB internal memory; in LP mode, over 24 hours. That’s without even adding a Memory Stick to the camcorder’s slot to expand its capacity.


Optical SteadyShot
Hand-held filming while walking can mean shakes and wobbles, which cause jittery video. Now with Optical SteadyShot anti-shake technology you can capture steady, smooth, high-quality video with your Handycam, even when moving or zooming in or out
Exmor R CMOS Sensor
Compared to CCD, the CMOS Sensor allows faster reading of a greater amount of pixel information, as it employs multi-channel output and addition readout. In addition, the structural characteristics of the CMOS sensor provide smear-free images and allow charges to be converted into electric signals with less power consumption. The CMOS sensor minimizes blowouts and black-crush and offers images with rich gradation
Clear Photo LCD Touchscreen
The camcorder’s touchscreen LCD features Clear Photo technology for better visibility both indoors and outdoors, higher screen resolution, sharper contrast, and more accurate color reproduction than conventional hybrid LCD screens. Even under bright sunshine, the image does not wash out and users can check the framing and subject color tones in detail
Stereo Microphone
The stereo microphone allows for clear recording of discussions. Even in a heated discussion, every overlapping voice is reproduced, capturing the real atmosphere of the meeting
Face Detection
Sony’s Face Detection Technology will determine for you the focus, exposure, white balance, and even flash control on multiple faces, ensuring that your subject is recorded with accuracy
Smile Shutter
Smile Shutter is a function that detects a smiling face and automatically releases the shutter. In addition to the ability to detect a human face, the Smile Shutter function also detects the eyes in the face for a more accurate understanding of the facial location. It is even able to detect human faces that are tilted to a certain degree, and it will automatically release the shutter
Intelligent Auto
Intelligent Auto automatically recognizes the type of scene you are shooting and chooses the optimum combination of settings to provide the best results
D-Range Optimizer
Using sophisticated algorithms, the Dynamic Range Optimizer adjusts for the exposure and contrast that’s best suited for the environment and the individuals in the picture. When posing against a highly contrasted background, the Bionz processor corrects for exposure and contrast levels and allows for better backlight compensation and white color expression. Facial details and background subtleties are all beautifully captured by the Bionz Processor
Face Index
Incorporating face-detection technology, Face Index function searches and detects scenes with human faces. It is also able to play back video based on the selected face’s image
Film Roll
One press of the Film Roll button makes it possible to preview the beginning of scenes and create scene indexes set at specified display intervals (3, 6, or 12 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes). Users of this model can therefore find desired scenes more easily
Quick Startup
You can now power-on your Handycam instantly simply by flipping open the LCD panel. When you’re done, just close your LCD panel and the Handycam will automatically power-off, preventing you from accidentally leaving it on and wasting battery power
Picture Motion Browser Software
Picture Motion Browser is image-management software for use on your PC. Once installed, it lets you easily upload images from your Handycam and automatically organizes the images by date in a calendar format to make images easy to find. This new application also offers a revolutionary “map view function” that enables you to organize your pictures by location and display it on a world map by using an optional GPS unit (not included). This unique feature provides a new way to share fun memories with your family and friends

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Sony DCR-SD1000E Handycam Shoulder-Mount Flash Memory PAL Camcorder
Sony DCR-SD1000E Handycam Shoulder-Mount Flash Memory PAL Camcorder

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