Godox DE-300 Compact Studio Flash Strobe Light (Single)

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1 x Godox DE-300 Studio Flash

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Godox DE300 Studio Lights in Pakistan

Godox DE300 Studio Lights Series is a cost-effective compact flash strobe for photographers or beginners. Bowens – style mount adds various studio flash accessories. Very convenient to use an optional FT-16 remote trigger to control the flash. Good for e-commerce product shooting, headshots and lifestyle photography. In large studio shooting, it can works as high light, background light or hair light

I would say 2013 and 2014 is the year of the light.  If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I have been very fond of the Godox/Cheetah speedlight and barebulb flash units.  Not only are they extremely portable, they are powerful units that can essentially replace my need for monolights while out on the field. However, in studio, rather in my condominium, I have found it rather difficult to compose my models and friends through the Electronic View Finder because of my preferred exposure settings. I have been extremely fond of the high key look and it requires the use of 3 to 4 lights to expose both my background and my subject.   In order to achieve this desired look, I have to choose an ISO, Aperture and Shutterspeed that will give me a completely black frame without the lights (only my external light source will be exposing the image and not the ambient light). Because the EVF gives you a preview of what the image will look like prior to pressing the shutter release, you get a nearly dark view. Thus framing and posing your model as you look through the view finder becomes somewhat challenging.

This exposed a slight drawback to using a mirrorless camera, particularly with an electronic view finder in studio.  However, I must note that my Olympus OMD E-M1 and Pen E-P5 was still able to lock focus instantly under conditions with minimal ambient light. Regardless, I want a modeling light and the search for a good monolight begins.

Specification: Godox DE-300 Compact Studio Flash Strobe Light (Single)


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Godox DE-300 Compact Studio Flash Strobe Light (Single)
Godox DE-300 Compact Studio Flash Strobe Light (Single)
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