Zeiss 35mm F/1.4 Distagon T Lens

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Very Fast f/1.4 Lens for Low Light
EF Bayonet Mount for Canon EOS Cameras
Precise Focusing Mechanism
Optimum Control of Glare
Harmonious Bokeh in Out-of-Focus Areas
ZEISS T* Anti-Reflective Coating
Excellent Flare Control
Robust All-Metal Precision Mechanics
Sophisticated Stray Light Reduction


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Zeiss Wide Angle Lens

This Zeiss Wide Angle Lens 35mm F/1.4 Distagon T Lens for Canon EF continues the 120-year-old Zeiss tradition of optically superb lenses that are built to last–this very fast wide-angle 35mm lens offers all the traditional advantages of Zeiss optics: precise manual focusing with a large rotation angle, unparalleled control of glare and stray light to ensure brilliant images every time, an almost circular aperture that delivers a harmonious bokeh (the difficult-to-define quality in out-of-focus areas that’s pleasing to the eye), and robust all-metal precision construction. And it’s all at the service of Canon DSLRs with an EF mount.

Very fast f/1.4 lens for low light and for impressive bokeh effects
Precise focusing mechanism with a large rotation angle–operating a lens manually means controlling the picture with your fingertips. Ergonomics are everything.

Zeiss Wide Angle Lens Optimum control of glare and stray light ensures brilliant images–ZEISS lenses are famous for the exceptional quality of the pictures they provide. No matter how demanding the subject, perspectives, colors, and lighting situations are reproduced perfectly – over the entire full-frame image field.

The Zeiss Wide Angle Lens almost circular aperture enables a harmonious bokeh in out-of-focus areas–the finely matched properties of the aperture ensure that the effects of out-of-focus areas of the picture are attractively balanced (bokeh).

ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating
Sophisticated stray light reduction
Excellent flare control
Extremely long-lasting and robust all-metal precision mechanics

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Zeiss 35mm F/1.4 Distagon T Lens
Zeiss 35mm F/1.4 Distagon T Lens


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