Atomos Shogun Flame Overview

Atomos Shogun Flame: Change the way you capture Video

Built for those who want to add new possibilities to their video recording, the Atomos Shogun Flame is built to deliver extraordinary touches to your work. Atomos is known for producing industry class field monitors, and the Atomos Shogun flame is no less. 

Input Capabilities: 

The Atomos Shogun Flame is capable of processing both HDMI and SDI inputs. It can make use of both 4K HDMI and 12G SDI inputs and giving strong outputs of 4K UHD at a resolution of 3840×2160. Along with this high-resolution recording, you also get 10 bit of color information and 4:2:2 color encoding. The HDMI connection is good for a max of 4K 30p and the SDI can give you a max of 12G. With built-in bi-directional conversion HDMI cameras can be used in SDI workflows or vice versa. 

Built Quality: 

The main feature of this monitor is its 7-inch screen that is 1920 x 1200 pixels in resolution. It has 10 bit FRC processing and the AtomHDR display which gives it 10 stops of brightness range. This allows for more accurately monitoring your log gamma footage. Without viewing any flat and washed out results or using any LUTs. With built-in settings for cameras, you can view the footage without altering the recorded video. 

There is also a high bright mode which is empowered by the 1500 nits bright screen for brilliant viewing even in bright outdoors. So you don’t need to have a sun-hood to view your data properly. The Atomos Shogun Flame is fully equipped to bear the tough conditions in production. And it is covered with built-in protective armor with chamfered edges and silicone-covered corners. 


The Atomos Shogun Flame packs so much more for you to do thanks to AtomOS. This has so many features that will help you get the most out of your monitor. And they are all simple to use and easy to navigate to. You have tools specifically for focus, exposure, and framing, like focus peaking, 2:1 zoom, False Color and Zebra, waveforms, safe area, RGB parade and vectorscope.

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