Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K Overview

The Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K The Studio grade camera on a Budget.

Blackmagic design is an Australian based company that first started in 2001. It has since then grown tremendously in to a huge digital cinema manufacturer. The company has quickly grown into a giant offering you some of the best and more affordable range of equipment if you are in the mood to open up a professional studio of your own. By far one of the most popular and best selling devices from the company is the blackmagic URSA mini. The reason this device has become so known is simply because it is too versatile. You can use it for any sort of production situation, whether it’s a documentary, an in studio shoot, a TV serial recording or a cooking show.


To begin with the URSA mini rocks a 35mm CMOS sensor, which offers you a world of recording options. The camera makes use of cinemaDNG raw and Apple ProRes compressed codecs. These themselves have a broad variety to choose from based on your needs. You can go up to 60fps on 4.6k lossless raw while attaining 120fps on 2k resolution in the window sensor mode. It gives you this truly cinematic feel, the super 35mm creates a stunning depth of field. There is a broad dynamic range, going all the way to 12 stops for maximum potential in post production. This is utilized most on their DaVinci resolve software, which you get free with the camera as a bonus. While the camera does not perform greatly in low light conditions this issue can be minimized. But overall the URSA mini does excel in image quality


The URSA mini has a wide range of accessories available from, all suited for different filming situations. It is an ever customizable rig for every environment. A brief overview of these goes from interchangeable lens mounts so you can use all your lenses with this. Professional viewfinders, microphones and professional audio equipment, media recorders and shoulder mount kits different memory saving options. You can check out the complete accessories and their details here. A V mount battery plate allows you to use industry standard batteries.

Some of the most notable accessories for the ursa are the V mount battery plate, which allows you to connect third party v mount batteries to your device without the need of any cables. The shoulder kit makes the instantly makes the ursa a handheld camera from a tripod mounted one. The shoulder mount is designed to be well balanced and comfortable allowing for excellent shooting while handheld.

Memory Cards

The URSA mini comes with two C fast card slots so you can always have enough space to record all your media, while also being the compact choice. Their advanced speeds allow for quick and efficient workflow when transfering media and. With read and write speeds that go up to 500 MBs they are the true professionals choice for 4K video. No need to handle huge disk media to record all your work. C fast cards make it possible for you to record mass amount of data in a surprisingly small sized drive.

Overall it is no doubt that the Blackmagic URSA mini is by far one of the most versatile professional cameras out in the market, giving studios and filmmakers a true bang for their buck. With so much versatility and features along with cutting edge technology, it is very hard to find flaws in the device at the price tag it offers. It’s not surprising to wonder why so many professional film studios use this as their go to camera.

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