DJI Osmo Action Overview

DJI Osmo Action: The GoPro has a Challenger

Up until now if you were on the search for a professional action camera your choices were limited to just GoPro. But it seems a new competitor has emerged. And it comes from the company known for making the worlds finest drones. DJI has stepped into the realm of action cameras and has delivered well with the DJI Osmo Action 

Dual Screen: 

Keep the Osmo Action beside the GoPro and you will see that they are extremely similar in terms of their design. However, the Osmo Action packs something entirely new, a second screen on the front. The 1.4-inch screen in the front might be small but it is a full-color display. It is sure to come in handy when you are capturing a selfie video and want to keep the right things in focus. And the screen is big enough for you to tell where you are, even in a 145° degree field of view.

On the back is a 2.25 inch LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can playback videos without any viewing hassle. You can switch from the back to front in two ways. Either double tap on the rear screen with two fingers. Or you may long press the quick switch button on the side of the camera. 

Rocksteady Stabilization: 

DJI’s new Action camera inherits some of their brilliant image stabilization. The ‘Rocksteady’ mode is the GoPros equivalent for “Hypersmooth” but it works just as brilliantly. It is surprising that DJI got this right in their first try when it took GoPro 7 versions to perfect. Video smoothens out immensely on a very bumpy track and your videos truly get that gimbal like feel.

Video and Images:

The DJI Osmo Action has HDR video capability so you get smoother transitions from lighter to darker areas in order to give a more richer result you would have lost otherwise. With a maximum of 4K at 60 fps on a 100 MB/s bitrate, you can be sure videos contain all the smallest details. The camera also has an 8x slow motion mode, you can capture a staggering 240fps on 1080p. The time-lapse mode is available with semi-automatic and manual settings allowing for a maximum of 120 seconds of exposure for night shots 


The DJI Osmo Action comes with a new user interface the Action OS. The UI has been designed to provide quick access to features, settings and your previously captured data. A Custom mode lets you list and store your most frequently used shooting modes for a more personalized and easy user experience.

The Quick switch button on the left helps to keep settings and modes quickly accessible while also having other functions like switching between screens and selecting custom settings. The Device is powered by voice control as well, for shooting, capturing photos and turning off 

Built Quality: 

DJI has done a superb job at making the device tough and durable through all sorts of environments. The Osmo Action comes waterproof up to 11 meters out of the box. No need for any external casing to waterproof the device. It is also temperature resistant and can withstand cold temperatures up to -10° Celsius.  

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