Loupedeck+ Overview

Loupedeck+: Editing done Right

Designed for those who make extensive use of photo and video editing, the loupedeck+ lets you make use of intuitive buttons, dials and sliders for seamless editing. The loupedeck+ suits both beginners in the world of editing and seasoned users alike. It makes the editing experience even more enjoyable.


The biggest design change to have come from the previous model is that the loupedeck+ can now be used to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Adobe Photoshop CC, Final cut pro X, Capture one pro and Skylum Aurora HDR alongside the Lightroom classic CC. The previous model was only compatible with Lightroom. With support for so many new softwares the loupedeck+ is now a valuable item to have in your arsenal for PC and Mac users alike. And to back it all up they have designed a configuration software from scratch for a more stable editing experience.  


Thanks to the intuitive design and placement of keys and dials, the loupedeck+ becomes second nature after a while of use. Upgraded with new mechanical keys, and a stronger build the loupedeck+ now has 13 knobs, 17 buttons or keys. Eight dials and one rotate/crop wheel. There is also a custom mode with its own LED. This lets you assign any function you want to the exposure, color and tone dials. The screen mode buttons on the top right let you see views between before and after. There are separate shift, alt, command, Ctrl and tab keys so you can perform basic functions while also being able to use them to star rate the images, or color assign them. The device is however not connected via Bluetooth, it is still wired and connected via a USB cable. 


Using the loupedeck+ is a very smooth experience. The editing and changes occur in real time and there is no lag. It is easy to switch between different modes and applications such as the develop and library tabs in lightroom. It is very simple to assign a new function to any custom button. The software lets you manually search for functions if you can’t find what you were looking for. The dials have their secondary functions too which you can access but pressing the function button, so each dial has two functions under its control. The dials and buttons are very intuitive to control. If you wish to reset some adjustment to default you can easily do so by pressing on the dial. 

Even though the loupedeck+ is not so different from its predecessor, it has refined all the features the right way. It addressed many issues from the previous model brilliantly such as the lack of customizable buttons and dials. Also this time it is a much better overall value as it is compatible with many other softwares. So if you are frustrated and finding editing to be time consuming, or if you are always editing batches of photos the loupedeck+ would prove to be a worthy investment.


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