Shure MV7X Podcast XLR Microphone


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Legendary Broadcast Sound
XLR-Only Version of MV7
Built-In Pop Filter for Plosives
Cardioid Pattern Minimizes Room Pickup


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Shure MV7X Price In Pakistan

Unleash Your Voice with Shure MV7X Dynamic Microphone – Elevate Every Sound

Looking for a microphone that transforms your voice into a captivating symphony? Discover the Shure MV7X, a dynamic microphone designed to bring out the richness and depth in your audio recordings. Whether you’re a podcaster, musician, or content creator, the MV7X is your gateway to studio-quality sound with modern convenience.

Key Features:

Professional-Grade Clarity: Experience exceptional audio quality with the Shure MV7X. Its dynamic microphone technology captures your voice with stunning clarity, ensuring that every word and note is heard with precision.

Versatile Performance: From podcasting and vocal recording to streaming and gaming, the MV7X excels across various applications. Its adaptable nature makes it an ideal choice for every audio endeavor.

Real-Time Monitoring: Bid farewell to latency issues. The MV7X features a built-in headphone monitoring jack, allowing you to hear yourself in real time. No delays, no disruptions – just pure, seamless recording.

Intuitive Touch Controls: Take command of your sound with the MV7X’s touch controls. Effortlessly adjust your microphone settings, headphone volume, and mute options for uninterrupted recording sessions.

Seamless Connectivity: With both XLR and USB outputs, the MV7X offers flexibility in connectivity. Whether you’re in the studio or recording on the go, this microphone adapts to your setup with ease.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Dynamic
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 16kHz (XLR), 20Hz – 20kHz (USB)
Bit Depth: 16-bit/24-bit
Sample Rate: 44.1/48 kHz
Sensitivity: -55 dBV/Pa (XLR), -47 dBFS/Pa (USB)
Connector: XLR, USB-C
Why Choose Shure MV7X?

Captivating Sound: Elevate your recordings with studio-quality audio that captures every nuance of your voice.
Adaptable Design: From XLR to USB connectivity, the MV7X adjusts to your recording environment.
User-Friendly: Intuitive touch controls and real-time monitoring ensure a seamless recording experience.
Versatile Performance: Perfect for podcasters, musicians, and content creators, the MV7X transforms every project into a masterpiece.

Level up your recordings with the Shure MV7X dynamic microphone. Don’t miss out on the chance to create captivating content that resonates with your audience. Order now and experience the magic of studio-quality sound at your fingertips.

Specification: Shure MV7X Podcast XLR Microphone


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Shure MV7X Podcast XLR Microphone
Shure MV7X Podcast XLR Microphone


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