Sony a6300 Overview

Sony a6300: Professional film on a budget

The Sony a6300 is still one of the best digital cameras to buy today. The camera is well rounded when it comes to both photography and video. Giving you the best of both worlds when you compare it to the competition in its price range. Small, compact and robust the camera is ideal for vlogging and video shooting outdoors. 


The a6300 is a 24.2 MP mirrorless with an Exmor CMOS APS-C sensor, with a newly developed sensor than its predecessor the a6000.  The sensor has an enhanced circuit with copper wiring that aid in its light gathering ability, readout speeds and video recording. With the new improvements come better performance particularly when it comes to low light. So the camera can take advantage of its high ISO range of 100 – 51200 with more sharper and less noisy pictures.

The a6300 has a continuous shot capability of 11 fps. This goes down to 8 fps in live view. The RAW images are 14 bit meaning you have a great deal of tonal and color information to work with for spectacular results. The electronic shutter function gives you the option to shoot in silent mode. This is great for shooting when being discrete is key. You can shoot up to 3 fps with auto focus and auto exposure in this mode 


Sony has added the 4D focusing system to this camera with 425 on chip phase detection autofocus points that expand out almost to the corners of the frame. There is an extra 169 contrast detection points that make the autofocus super fast, with a focusing time of 0.05 seconds. The focus points are densely packed which allows for the high density tracking AF. This makes for precise detection of fast moving objects, so the camera is good for sport photography and video. 


The a6300 is very strongly built around its video recording capabilities with the ability to shoot 4K video up to a maximum frame rate of 30 fps while 1080p goes up to a full 120 fps. The recording is done in the Super 35mm format. Instead of pixel binning the camera makes use of 2.4x oversampling. The recording is done in 6K and downsampled to 4K. According to Sony this adds exceptional detail and clarity to the results. For videos the XVAC S format is used that records up to 100 MB/s and gives a 4:2:0 sampling. While with an HDMI external recorder you can get up to 4:2:2. 

S Log3 Gamma Profile

The camera also supports S-log3 profiles that give you 13x wider dynamic range for superior clarity in the mid tones and shadows and also producing much smoother tonal graduations. The S-log3 is good for up to 14 stops of dynamic range. Nonetheless the S-log2 is also available for use. 


There is a 3 inch LCD display placed on the back of the camera which has a resolution of 921k dots. This screen can also be tilted for various viewing angles. Above this is a XGA Tru-finder  which is an OLED viewfinder with 2.36 million pixels. The viewfinder is very bright for clear viewing in various conditions and has a 120 fps refresh mode for much clearer viewing while tracking fast moving objects. The Sony a6300 also has USB power connection. Meaning you can charge it via an external battery for longer periods of shooting. It can also be powered via this connection as well. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack placed on the side for better audio monitoring while shooting video. The body is made of magnesium alloy and is dust and moisture resistant. 

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