Canon EOS 250D Overview

Canon EOS 250D: A beginners friend

Canon has only recently announced their new entry level line up camera. And it is bound to attract newcomers in the world of photo and video. With capabilities that have been developed over the years by canon the Canon EOS 250D is just the right beginners level camera


The Canon EOS 250D uses a 24.1 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, pretty much the most common type of sensor in Canon cameras. Along with a DIGIC 8 image processor the camera is able to provide superior quality and performance when it comes to both photos and videos. A light sensitivity of 100-25600 means you can work in a variety of lighting conditions and still make the most of it. The image processing is able to tone down any noise for you. You also get up to 5 fps of continuous shots.


A surprising feature of the Canon EOS 250D is that it is highly capable when it comes to video. It can record 4K video up to 24 fps along side FHD and HD resolutions. If you are looking to shoot film, this camera would be just right on your budget. The dual pixel CMOS AF and the Movie Servo AF come in really handy when it comes to video shooting. The camera has its own image stabilization thanks to the Movie Digital IS, this helps to minimize any camera shake that would make the video look unprofessional. A time lapse mode has been added, this would give you a quick video over longer spans of time. You can set the intervals from 1 second to 60 seconds on a span of 2 to 3600 frames.


The Canon EOS 250D has a 9 point autofocus that gives you fast focusing response in various lighting conditions. In live view or video the Dual pixel CMOS AF provides smooth focus. Even in photos, the autofocus tends to work like a breeze and is able to accurately capture moving objects with precision. The camera has Eye Detection AF, this can be used to focus on the subjects eyes, very useful when taking portraits. The touchscreen also benefits, the touch AF system means you can click anywhere on the screen to focus on that point.


The Canon EOS 250D is very compact and small, so it wont take up much space in your bag. Being lightweight it will not hinder you over extensive periods of shooting. On the back of the camera is a 3 inch 1.04m dot LCD touchscreen which is an intuitive way to adjust settings, live view what you are shooting and a tool to adjust focus. The screen is vari-angle, so you can work easily even from difficult angles. The battery is also quite sufficient, one full charge means you get 1630 shots using the viewfinder or 350 shots if you are using live view.

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