The Beginners Guide to the Ultimate Vlogging kit

The Beginners guide to the ultimate vlogging kit

A new class of video content has arrived and you’re already heard of it. Vlogging has made its name as one of the most popular forms of video content in today’s age. Are you a beginner in this business? Don’t know where to start and what to buy? If you are thinking about really getting into vlogging we can help you set up your very first vlogging kit. Don’t worry, already have our recommendations for the best beginner vlogging kit.

Camera: Sony Alpha a6400

This one’s a no brainer, you want to make quality videos, you gotta have a quality camera. Sony is currently the favorite when it comes to video cameras for YouTubers in every field of work. A recent star of the company has been the Sony a6400. Packing a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor with a native ISO range from 100 to 32000 and on to 102,400. 


An impressive highlight of this camera is its 425 autofocus points and 425 contrast detect points that cover up to 84% of the sensor area. The autofocus on the a6400 is really gonna stand out when you are shooting a vlog and want yourself to always be in the limelight of the video. Perhaps the hallmark of this camera is Sonys claimed ‘worlds fastest autofocus’ with speeds of 0.02 seconds. 

Video Quality:

Enough about the camera internals lets get down to video. The reason vloggers love the a6400 is for its brilliant 4K video, which is oversampled and downscaled from 6K. The result, more detail than you would expect. The a6400 can record 4K video at 30 fps and 1080p at 120fps. In case you wanna do something savvy and want a slow-mo video. The a6400 is one of Sonys first cameras with HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) recording. You can record HDR ready footage from the camera. The touchscreen helps out a great deal as you can touch to focus and basically access all other features and settings. And finally, your screen now tilts up 180 degrees so you can see what you are recording!

Memory Cards: Sandisk 64 gb

You might take memory cards for granted but they are a key factor when it comes to great quality videos. You are going to need a fast memory card that can handle the bitrates the camera throws at it. This is especially going to be the case if you are planning to shoot 4K video. The Sandisk 64gb/100mb micro SD is perfect for this. With super-fast speeds up to 100mbs, you can rest assured your recordings will go smooth. This will also help with transfer speeds when you are importing video on to your computer. 

Tripod: Joby GorrillaPod 5K

You can just take steady shots with the camera in your hands all the time. And neither can you always find that correct angle you’re looking for without some help. In vlogging, you are definitely gonna need a tripod. The Joby Gorillapod 5K is as good as it gets. This tripod’s designed to hold cameras weighing as much as 5 kgs. The legs are made of anodized aluminum so you don’t have to worry about whether it can hold in place, it can. Use it as a grip, a stand or wrap it around some tricky place. You can be sure this will get the job done. The Gorillapod 5K is definitely a great set of legs for your vlogging machine. 

Microphone: Rode VideoMicro

Cameras have built-in microphones for audio, but you might want to buy a professional mic if you really want your work to stand out of the crowd. We would recommend something compact yet still effective to go with the entire rig. Something like Rode’s VideoMicro. This thing might be small, but you’ll be amazed of the difference it makes. Weighing only 42 grams, this won’t get in your way. You can directly connect this to the camera for instant use and does not need any external batteries or power. The Rode VideoMicro is a directional microphone. It will focus on the audio in front and fade noise from other directions, so you sound more natural and vibrant. And you don’t have to worry about wind taking the focus away from you, the windshield will take care of that.

And with this, you are all set to building the ultimate vlogging kit and start off your career. Happy Vlogging!

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