Dedolight SPS5E Lighting kit

Dedolight SPS5E: The complete professional lighting system 

Dedolight is a huge name in the world of professional lighting systems. Being used in movies in Hollywood and being appreciated by cinematographers and photographers worldwide, Dedolight is one of the best brands you can go for today. Dedolight has done an outstanding job by going all the way in their SPS5E 5 lighting kit. The unique selection of lights can be used for almost everything. It is your portable studio, whether you are looking for improving your results in the studio, on set, or planning to take breathtaking portraits.

The Lights:

The hallmark of the SPS5E lighting kit is its brilliant lights and the kit is made of 5 of these lights in total. Three of these are DLHM4-300E spotlights which have 12V lamps that range from 20 to 150W. These spotlights offer real power economy and the quality is highly dependable with the lamps lasting more than 1000 hours. They have a 20:1 flood to spot ratio and provide a beam spread of 4.5 to 40 degrees. 

The other two are 150W DLH1X150X soft light heads which provide brilliant results with the included soft-boxes. These have an extra reflector, which greatly increases the output of this light. 

Don’t be misguided by the power usage on these things, they may use 150W bulbs but the aspheric lens design and advanced reflectors bring these up to par with other competitive lights that use more than thrice the wattage.


The SPS5E lighting kit is complete, made for all sorts of conditions. Other accessories include barn doors to control and shape the beam of light, four filter sets, and their holders and a scrim set to reduce the harshness or the intensity of the light. Another unique accessory is the DP1 Projection attachment with an 85 mm f2.8 lens. Used to create light with either a soft or hard edge. You can use this to adjust the depth of the light and create various effects with lighting in the background. The kit also comes with 7 feet light stands for all the lights so you can place and adjust your lights in the setting you prefer. 

You might think the SPS5E lighting kit would be extremely heavy and not exactly a portable system. The whole set up weighs only 20 kg and comes in a case so you can carry this around. Dedolights have another unique thing about them, these lights don’t produce any harmful effects on human skin. The lights will not lead to skin cancer even when you have been exposed to them for an extended time. This is good for actors and studio personnel always working with these lights. 

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