Sennheiser Memory Mic Overview

Sennheiser Memory Mic: On the Go pro audio recording

If you are someone that frequents on using your smartphone for producing videos you know that while the video may be adequate that audio tends to lag behind in terms of quality. smartphone audio quality does not do justice to its video quality today. Sennheiser has produced a sweet solution for that. They created the Memory mic which is a wireless omnidirectional microphone specially designed to work with smartphones. This device is particularly going to be very useful for vloggers always on the go, social media content creators and tv news reporters and journalists. 

Design and Features:

The Memory mic is small but of premium quality. It is small compact and lightweight and won’t hinder you around when recording. Measuring only 2 by 1.5 by 0.6 inches and weighing only 32 grams. It is easily attachable to clothing due to its magnetic clip. On the inside of the Memory mic is an omnidirectional condenser mic which has a frequency range of 100 Hz to 20 kHz.

It can record and store up to 4 hours of audio of 16 bit/48 kHz audio. 24-bit audio recording option is not available as this device is not intended to be something audiophiles use. Another thing about the mic is that it cuts off lower end frequencies. This is so you do not end up recording any noises that would come with on the go recording like the wind rustling, or hands moving. Sennheiser has, in fact, applied a decent high pass filter in the device.


You do not need to worry about wires hanging out and bothering you. The device is fully wireless both in its connection to the smartphone and power. As it has a small rechargeable battery inside. The Memory mic connects to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. And is made even more versatile using the dedicated app developed for it by Sennheiser. The app gives you the convenience of recording, transfer and one-touch audio and video synchronization. 

You might be wondering about connection issues since Bluetooth connections can be unreliable over distances. No need to worry here because once you start recording on the Memory mic you do not need to maintain a Bluetooth connection between the devices. This way you can place the mic wherever you need for the best audio results, even if you may go out of the Bluetooth range. 


It would be essential to keep in mind who this device is intended for. Sennheiser designed the Memory mic for on the go usage and when it would prove essential to be hands-free for longer periods of time. So a teacher can write on the board, a chef can move around, and vlogger can walk around freely, and a news reporter can interview people all without having to worry about the audio. All of these things can be done with the camera at a distance. For a certain group of people, this little device can prove to be indispensable.

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