DJI Osmo Pocket Overview

DJI Osmo Pocket: The latest twist in Vlogging 

DJIs announcement of this small camera on 28 November 2018 made big waves through the world of Video. The Osmo Pocket is supposed to be the solution to your youtube videos and other professional video capturing needs. It seems Gopro is in for serious competition. 


The device is obviously incredibly small, hence the name Osmo Pocket. In fact it is so small that it fits quite sung in the palm of the hand. It comes with a rugged case that you can keep the camera in and carry around. The Osmo pocket weighs an incredible 116 grams, thats more lightweight than most smartphones today. The Handle of the camera is sweat proof and non-slip in design, so you don’t have to worry about losing grip of this device while filming all day. 


The touchstone of Osmo Pocket is the brilliant 3 axis gimbal mounted at the top, which helps to keep your shots steady and focused where they need to be. The camera is a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor which is good for wide angle shots, enough to show you 80º (degrees) of view. The camera is truly remarkable at what it does. It can shoot a maximum of 4K video at 60fps at 100 Mbps, and 1080p at 120fps for vibrant slow motion footage. You can also use the camera to shoot 12 MP stills. 


DJI has designed the Osmo Pocket to be usable by one hand. There is a 1.08 inch integrated touchscreen on the front of the device that can be used both for live view and playback, or for navigating through the functions of the device. Below the screen are two buttons. The left one allows you to take photos or start/stop recording video. The right one is the power button used to turn the device on or off. The start up of the device is quite fast, with the camera booting up fully in under five seconds. 


The Osmo Pocket has a feature called ActiveTrack, which recognizes the subject and follows the subject around to film it. This works even when the subject gets out of the view of the camera. A similar feature is the FaceTrack, which can automatically detect and track your face when using the selfie mode, this always keeps you the main highlight of the footage. There is an FPV mode which allows the gimbal to orient itself to capture cinematic action shots. You can capture 3×3 panoramas. Motionlapse allows you to create smooth time lapses with crisp precise camera movement. You also have the ability to capture night shots. The camera is intelligent and knows thus illuminates darker scenes itself, creating brighter and more vivid shots. 

DJI Mimo:

DJIs new dedicated app for the Osmo Pocket adds a world of functionality to the camera. You can connect to your Osmo Pocket via your smartphone, and use its creative editing tools to enhance your videos even more. Your smartphone becomes your screen, and you can control even more features. The app is available for both Android and iOS so you don’t have to worry about what phone you use. 


The Osmo Pocket has not been announced alone, there will me multiple accessories available to enhance the experience more. The universal port on the device serves as a connection to many other add ons. Some accessories are included in the box, like the smartphone adapters. While others are yet to come like the Wireless module to provide a wireless bluetooth connection between your smartphone and device. A waterproof case will also be released to allow for video shooting at a max depth of 60 meters. Also coming out soon will be a charging case for the Osmo Pocket, so you can keep the device inside while charging. A controller wheel to better handle the pan and tilt of the camera is also gonna be part of the accessories. 

A very promising little device, giving you all the range of features you would want in your ultimate video making arsenal. The Osmo Pocket is truly the new toy for all videographers. 

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