GoPro Hero 7 Overview

GoPro Hero 7: The Adventurers best friend

GoPro has held a reputation for manufacturing some of the most rugged and high quality cameras for action photography and video. Year and year again they have updated their lineup with new and improved models. Once again they have delivered this time with the GoPro Hero 7.


GoPro Hero 7 has just recently been announced and is already proving to be very promising. The Hero 7 features some new tweaks that make it all the more exciting. Two other models have been announced alongside the Hero 7 Black which is their most premium version. The Hero 7 silver, that is still quite capable and comparable to the Hero 5 black, and the Hero 7 white, an entry level model with the capability of 1080p recording. 


There are 5 new main features that separate it from the former Hero 6. The biggest difference in both is the new image stabilization feature called hypersmooth. And it is brilliant at what it does. HyperSmooth shows a visible difference from the Hero 6 and is miles better than the Hero 5. It is the factor that makes the classic shots you would have otherwise deleted. and now works on 4K at 60fps as well. It helps you capture smooth gimbal like shots without the use of one.


Then there is time warp, which is a new timelapse mode. It’s the same as a normal timelapse would be except that it is super stable thanks to hypersmooth. So you get smoother results even when shooting on a bumpy ride. For the first time on any GoPro you get the feature for live streaming. So now you can live broadcast to any of the social media platforms you like, initially to facebook, youtube and vimeo.


Some of the final changes come in the form of Superphoto a new feature for still photos. This is GoPros attempt to have a smart AI in the camera that automatically senses and adapts to the environment and applies the right settings accordingly. GoPro also says that the Hero 7 black can also detect smiles and faces. Which will help it choose the right shots for its automated quickstories edit.


There have also been some UI changes versus the older models, but are relatively minor. There are voice commands so you can control your device by speaking to it. You can capture photos and start and stop video recording for ease. While your hands may be busy elsewhere such as driving. The Hero 7 records brilliant 4K video at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps, achieving that crisp and beautiful slow motion for any action scenes. The camera also sends all recorded video to your phone automatically via the GoPro app.

It is needless to say that the device is waterproof and dustproof and can work efficiently in the harshest of environments, a prime feature GoPro is already known for. 

Overall the GoPro Hero 7 is truly the adventurers camera, made for those who want to film their thrills in a professional and cinematic way

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