GoPro Hero 10: What to Expect

Every year, GoPro revises its most popular action camera with performance boosts and exciting new features. But there’s a reason the GoPro Hero 10 might be special. This is because the new camera will be the tenth iteration of the Hero camera series. And it will definitely bring something special. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from the next generation of GoPros, and what they will bring to the table.

GoPro Hero 10 Release Date

Every year, the company announces their latest products in September. The GoPro Hero 9 was announced on 16 September 2020. So it’s safe to say that the official unveiling for the Hero 10 will be on a similar date. Considering the COVID situation, we’re likely going to see the unveiling on an online keynote.

Features to Expect in the Hero 10

Considering that this will be the company’s tenth successor to their world renowned action camera lineup. It is highly likely that we will see a complete design overhaul on the Hero 10. The previous Hero models, all up to the Hero 9 have similar designs, with minor additions. Since the design is getting old, we will likely see a new camera design with a completely new enclosure construction, bigger touchscreen and lens. Be prepared for a camera that defines a new generation of action filmography.

Camera Lens

The biggest changes in the Hero 10 will be in the camera lens. GoPro works every year to improve their camera quality, from a wider angle to higher resolutions. Previously the GoPro had the Max Lens Mod, that created an ultra wide picture. We might see the new GoPro bring in more lenses for different kinds of filming needs

Improved Image Quality

Every year, GoPro tries to improve the resolution and frame quality on their cameras. The GoPro Hero 9 went up to a rich 5K at 30 fps. That means that the newer Hero 10 can bring a defining jump in both the image resolution and frame quality.

Greater Slow Motion Capture

While the current GoPros already offering stunning slow motion capture, we may see this improve in the Hero 10. It may offer users up to 480 fps at a 2.7K resolution, that will give us some otherworldly results.

Better Low Light Results

A much appreciated change in the Hero 10 would the improved low light capture technology that enhances nighttime shots. Better nighttime technology can open a new world for film enthusiasts. While all current versions of the Hero series have multiple options for daytime, this is a department they all lack in.


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