Rode VideoMic Pro Overview

Rode VideoMic Pro: Loved by the Pros

The Rode VideoMic Pro adds up a level to the already amazing offerings by Rode in microphones. With a Pro badge, you know that you are certainly getting more than the usual. This mic would be an ideal option for some of those with a little more cash to spend but with the idea of true professional audio in mind. To be particular, if you are a professional vlogger, a journalist or someone looking to make an excellent run and gun setup, this is the mic for you. 


The Rode VideoMic Pro is a shotgun mic, with a larger and longer structure. The certain advantage that this mic has is that it is highly directional, it will only catch sounds where from where it’s pointing at, and blur out anything else from any other direction. Other types of microphones don’t offer such a feature. The audio thus turns out to be clearer and rich and completely focused on one subject. Connecting the mic to the camera is fairly simple, a 3.5mm TRS cable is given which is permanently attached to the mic. This is configured as dual mono, so even signal is sent to both input channels


The Rode VideoMic Pro goes a step ahead to give you some control over your recording. With a 3 stage gain control, this adds a touch of precision when dealing with different audio conditions. The +20 dB gives a boost when recording to cameras. The -10 dB is for when you are dealing with very loud noises that may distort your recording. For battery life, you have a 9V battery inserted that gives you a whopping 70 hours of recording time. So plug in the battery once and you can forget having to charge it for a very long time. In addition to this, a high pass filter is also available, this can be adjusted to reduce any low frequency noise from air or traffic, etc. 


The Rode VideoMic Pro has a few accessories to help you with your workflow. A Rycote Lyre shock mount is given which gives a lot of shock absorption capability to the mic, thus reducing sounds from vibrations. At the bottom of the shock mount is a camera shoe mount for easy attachment to the top of the camera. Other than that there is a windscreen to protect your recordings from wind distortion in outdoor conditions. 

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