Moza Mini S Overview

Moza Mini S: Gimbal on a budget

DSLRs and action cameras aren’t the only popular means of making videos anymore. Smartphone photos and videos are on the rise. Thanks to smartphones it has become extremely cheap to produce video content. Mobile gimbals have become an extremely popular means of producing professional videos today. However, gimbals don’t come cheap either which may be a dealbreaker for many people. If you are looking starting out on making vlogs and other videos for professional purposes while on a budget, you should definitely take a look at the Moza Mini S. The Moza Mini S is the perfect beginners gimbal with a variety of options and features to introduce you to the world of gimbal videography. 


The Moza Mini S like the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is known for being foldable. With dimensions of 5.12 inches width, 2.68 inches depth and 7.68 inches height, it is extremely portable and travel-friendly. To put it simply, when folded it is just a little bit taller than most smartphones. The gimbal is designed to hold phones weighing up to 260 grams and supports many popular mobile phones including the iPhone (all models from X to 5s) along with Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi phones. There is a 10-degree tilt in the handle of the Moza Mini S that gives you a comfortable grip. Battery life on the gimbal is quite adequate at 8 hours thanks to a 2200 mAh battery. The battery charges via the USB-C and takes almost an hour and a half to fully charge. 


Unlike many gimbals which may take time to get a hang of the Moza Mini S is quite simple to understand. The instruction manual is quite simple and provides straight forward instructions. The joystick is easy to use and quite intuitive. There are 6 recording modes, Pan following, tilt following, FPV mode and all locked mode. The other two modes are sports gear mode, which maximizes the speed of the motors so you can quickly follow any moving objects. The inception mode rotates the camera 360 degrees as it moves forward or backward. This is a unique shot if you are looking for good B-rolls. Shooting modes also comprise of subject tracking, time-lapse and a vertigo zooming mode.  

Moza Genie App: 

The Moza Mini S can be paired with the Moza Genie companion app via Bluetooth. This gives you the ability to perform advanced calibration and capture hyper lapses and panoramas. With the app, you get intuitive touchscreen controls. However one can also use the native camera app on the phone.

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