Zhiyun Crane M2 Overview

Zhiyun Crane M2: The Swiss Army Knife of Gimbals

Built with the most travel friendly aspect in mind the Zhiyun Crane M2 is a new offering from Zhiyun Tech. The Company is known for producing high end stabilization equipment and the Crane M2 proves to be nothing less. Don’t get this confused with the Crane v2 though, although very similar both gimbals serve different purposes and are made for different consumers. 


If you’re relatively new to the photography and videography world and don’t want to invest a lot of money into very specific equipment, the Zhiyun Crane M2 is a good place to start. The gimbal is very small, light. Likewise, it is designed to carry around smartphones and small cameras weighing up to 1.6 lbs. This gives users the opportunity, use your smartphone around if you don’t have a camera for the time being. There is the addition of an OLED display on the gimbal that shows your important information like the connection status or battery level and operating mode. The battery life on the Crane M2 is pretty decent at 7 hours. Zhiyun has also introduced a quick release camera mounting system that allows you to either mount or remove a device with just one a button click. 


The Crane M2 has some standard gimbal features, offering you 360° pan, 310° tilt and 324° roll. There are a total of six operating modes. The operating modes are: Pan following mode, Following mode, Locking mode, Vortex mode, POV mode and GO mode. Keep in mind that Zhiyun has brought 3 axis stabilization for multiple devices. The gimbal also has Wifi and Bluetooth support. You can use the wifi to connect to your smartphone or camera for greater control over shooting. The Bluetooth, on the other hand, lets you sync your gimbal with the ZY mobile app. This app acts as an extra remote control, while also having tutorials about certain features of the device. 


Made with the travel friendly and ease of use ideas in mind, the Crane M2 has more to offer than just portability. You also get a hand strap and a mini tripod included with the device. The tripod can be attached to the bottom of the shaft allowing you to place the gimbal steadily. Or if you need some extra length it is strong enough to act as an extension to the arm itself. 

For the Official Zhiyun Crane M2 website, click here

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